Minimalist Mom Fail – Baby Products I Regret Buying

minimalist mom fail

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was determined to approach the process of buying items I needed for baby as a minimalist. However, I was so excited to have this entire new world of stuff opened up to me that I failed miserably in my efforts to get the minimal things.

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Here is the updated story on our minimalist journey and baby products I regret:

Originally, I regretted purchasing those items because I ended up not using them.

I have to say that other than those three baby products, I did a really good job not buying excessive amounts of baby things. We didn’t overbuy in any other baby category and the items I got I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. 

So maybe I only slightly failed at being a minimalist when it comes to buying things for baby.

Now we have two children and I can say that we use the 4Moms MamaRoo everyday. When you have two kids, you need a safe place to set the baby down and it works for us.

I have not needed to use the Joovy walker or the Jolly Jumper with our second child yet because he is too young for them.

A few weeks after filming this video, my first baby actually started using the jumper and after capturing multiple adorable moments like this on camera, I was glad that I had purchased the jumper.

Minimalist Mom Fail - Baby Products I Regret Buying

My intentions were good when it came to the Joovy walker. I had hoped to avoid needing a high chair by getting the walker. I also wanted to have the option to use the tray as an activity center for different developmental toys.

We never really ended up using it for these things. At the time we lived in a two story home and it just wasn’t something I found myself going to use when I needed to feed or play with my first baby.

We got these adorable photos of him, but that is about it really.

Minimalist Mom Fail - Baby Products I Regret Buying Minimalist Mom Fail - Baby Products I Regret Buying

These were baby products I regret buying because we were trying to follow a more minimalist approach to purchasing everything we needed for baby. However, I do recommend them all if they fit into your baby plan!

I did end up following my own advice (in the video) and I got the Peg Perego Siesta Highchair. We use this everyday and I love it.

It cleans up nicely and it is durable. However, I do wish both sets of wheels had the ability to turn. It would make pushing it around much easier. Also, the straps were impossible to get off so I could wash them.

Eventually we managed to unscrew them without stripping the screw that connects them to the chair. I’m not sure if that was user error, but now we can remove them to clean and It makes me love it even more.

When I was buying everything for baby the first time around I used the honey plug-in and it saved me $(or even more) dollars while I was shopping online.

I refuse to shop online without it now, and I don’t think you should shop online without it either. You can get it here and start saving today. I also have a video on how we saved money preparing for baby from a minimalist approach and you can view it here.

Quick tip: Make sure you install the honey plug-in on your desktop computer right away and always check your shopping cart on your desktop to make sure you are getting the BEST deal through honey before you press the purchase button! – deals aren’t found on mobile devices through the honey plug-in. I ALWAYS check my amazon cart for better prices through honey on my desktop before checking out to maximize my savings!

This plug-in has saved us over $1000 in the past year just on amazon alone. It also gives us money back whenever we purchase from certain websites like The Honest Company.

Some of my thoughts on our minimalism journey:

I love the idea of being a total minimalist. I also love shopping and the positive benefits that everyday items can bring to our lives.

So, for us, practicing minimalism is all about finding a balance between our stuff and how that stuff impacts the function of our daily lives.

If it is causing a negative impact, then we let it go. If it is causing a positive impact, it stays. For now, this is what our focus is.

I hope this helps inspire you on your path! Let me know if there are any baby products you regret buying or how you approach minimalism in the comments below!

Speak Soon,

everyday with baby

This post may contain affiliate links which may mean I receive a commission when you click on a link, at no extra cost to you. I only link to things I love.

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