Postpartum Essentials

Short on time? Here is the bullet point summary:
  • Go straight to the Postpartum Essentials Visual Buying Guide for information each Item that is necessary for after birth care of mom.
  • Know that it is ok to share how you are really feeling during this time with your trusted family, friends, and health care providers. Get help if you need it!
  • Take some baby-free time to do something you love in little moments throughout your day/week. For me it was tending to my garden.

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Here for the story? My postpartum essentials for taking care of yourself after having a baby are as follows:

Postpartum essentials will be slightly different for each woman and it is different for each baby you have.

One of the things I quickly realized after having my first baby is that people do not talk about the realities of postpartum issues before you have your first child.

It wasn’t until I was doing my research while I was pregnant with my first baby that I realized there was going to be several weeks of postpartum bleeding to deal with.

This just never seemed to have come up in my conversations with other women who had already had kids. Not to mention everything else that happens in the weeks following birth.

It just wasn’t something I thought I would need to be prepared for.

Isn’t it all done after labor and delivery? Then we shift our focus to newborn care, right? Yes and no.

We don’t talk about the reality of postpartum care for mom enough.

My intention is not to be negative, and I suspect that is one of the reasons women don’t talk about the realities of birth more. I am just trying to be realistic, honest, and informative.

The realities of postpartum healing are not something you want to be a surprise on top of dealing with a newborn and all that comes with that.

If at anytime you feel that the thoughts and feelings you are having are not normal, please let women you trust in your life know and consult your healthcare provider.

Here are some of my essentials for dealing with postpartum care:
Part 1.

Be prepared with the Postpartum Essentials Buying Guide I have put together for you.

If you don’t know where to start or don’t have time to go flipping through multiple websites to figure out what you will need for your postpartum care, then I have put together the Postpartum Essentials Visual Buying Guide for you.

Just click the items you need and then you are done or use it as a guide to find similar items when you go to the store. I explain what the items are and why you need them in the guide.

There are a lot of blog posts that list tons and tons of items you supposedly need for after baby. But I have included what I consider to be the essential basics. You may consider including some other items based on your own personal care preferences and style.

Part 2.

Know that it is OK and normal to have negative thoughts about birth, to be in pain, and to not enjoy this very short (but impactful) season of life.

I felt so full of shame after giving birth to my first son because I didn’t have those overwhelming good thoughts and feelings that every woman always seemed to talk about.

You know…when people say things like, “Once the baby comes out you forget about all the pain and you just gaze into their eyes and everything is magical”…Yeah, no.

That wasn’t my emotional or physical experience and I spent the first few months of new motherhood feeling like a complete failure because of it.

Once I finally told a few women in my family about what I was really thinking during birth and those first few months afterwards I discovered that they all had had similar experiences.

It is perfectly normal to not enjoy those experiences and there is no need to feel like a terrible mother for not feeling and thinking about the “magic” of it all.

Just so you know, it is possible to be absolutely in LOVE with your new baby AND to have realistic thoughts and feelings about the actual process of the birth and postpartum recovery experience.

Women don’t need to deny the reality of the pain and emotional toll the pregnancy and birthing processes take on our bodies in order to be considered good mothers.

You are amazing. Your body is amazing. This journey is spectacular, even if you don’t enjoy every aspect of it.

Part 3.

Know what to expect. Do your research, read other mom’s experiences, watch youtube videos, and get the advice of your medical care professional on after care tips and essentials.

Make sure you plan small amounts of time throughout the day when you can get some baby-free time to do something you love.

It doesn’t matter how much time it is, take what you can get.

For me, I took those moments to get out in my garden. It was restorative to be out in the sunshine for a few moments here and there. Find those moments for yourself, even if its just 5 minutes!

Women could swap stories for hours and hours about their different birth and postpartum experiences.

There is so much your body goes through after birth and in the future I will be writing more about my personal experience. For now, these postpartum essentials helped me get through both of my postpartum experiences and I hope they help you navigate yours as well.

What was your postpartum experience like? Share your story in the comments below.

This post may contain affiliate links which may mean I receive a commission when you click on a link, at no extra cost to you. I only link to things I love.

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