The Best Highchair

the best highchair
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Why We Like The Peg Perego Siesta


When it came time to find a highchair I originally didn’t plan on getting one. I thought we would just get a walker and use that as a place for baby to eat off of a tray until they were older enough to sit at the table with us. I go into more detail about why that didn’t work in my post on baby products I regret buying and you can read it here

After I had purchased several baby products I came across the Peg Perego Siesta Highchair and I instantly wished I had waited and just got this!

It has all of the functionality that I have found in the other products, but it also fits with our feeding needs and everything was in ONE baby item.

I try to keep a more minimalist approach to the number of baby gear items we have so I was looking for something with multiple uses. 

We decided to get it as soon as I could and we absolutely love it. 


I like that the seat has several different reclining positions so that the baby fits in it from birth. I prefer this to a swing or baby bouncer because of how high up the baby can be. It makes it so much easier to be handsfree when I need to be and still be able to interact with the baby without constantly bending over.

This makes working in the kitchen particularly easier since the baby can be at counter height. 


A must-have feature for us was that the highchair had wheels. The Peg Perego Siesta has wheels and we are able to push it from room to room as needed throughout the day.

I do wish that the front two wheels were not stationary because it would be easier to push, but if you pull it from the back it does well maneuvering around the house. 


It has multiple height levels so that you can have the same benefits of having a baby bouncer when you remove the tray. 

The materials are of high quality and do not get dingy looking or dirty over time. The seat material cleans up and looks like new even though we have had ours for almost two years. 

You can also remove the straps and wash them. We did have issues getting the straps off initially. I was afraid of stripping the screws that connect them to the chair in the back, but we eventually got them off and were able to wash them.

I do wish this had been a little easier to do, but it isn’t something we have to do very often, so it is worth it to make it look like new when they do get dirty. 

Final Thoughts

The final things that I really love about this chair are that it folds up to store or travel easily. We have taken our Peg Perego Siesta Highchair on multiple road trips and when we are visiting family. It makes caring for the baby when we aren’t at home more comfortable for everyone. 


My favorite spot in the car to put the folded highchair is standing up behind the passenger’s seat and the car seat in the second row. It leaves the trunk open for more storage space on trips. 

We do not take this highchair anywhere we have to take a plane. When we traveled internationally last year with the baby we simply bought an inexpensive Ikea highchair after we got to our destination. Since we were renting a car, we were able to take it apart and have it with us as we traveled throughout Norway. We left the Ikea highchair with friends to donate it when we left. It was so worth the $20-ish we spent on it be able to use it during the trip! You can check out the post about that trip here. 

Ikea highchair? Which highchairs are your family’s favorites? Let me know in the comments below! 

This post may contain affiliate links which may mean I receive a commission when you click on a link, at no extra cost to you. I only link to things I love.

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