Traveling Internationally with Baby

traveling internationally with baby

Last year was our first time traveling internationally  with baby to visit friends in Norway. We had such an amazing time!

Since baby was around 16 months, we decided to focus this trip on spending time with friends and seeing a few things in each city.

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It was a good thing we didn’t have a ton of outdoor excursions planned because it rained every day we were there.

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Despite the rain, it was still gorgeous and we loved being able to drive all over the country.  We spent time doing indoor things like seeing the art museums in Bergen, hanging out with friends at their cabin by the ocean, and seeing so much of the country via road trip.

Lifesavers for Travel

There are a few things that made our first international trip with baby a breeze:

guava lotus travel crib1. We brought his bed with us.

He has used the Guava Lotus Travel Crib  since he was born. For the first 6 months he was in the bassinet version of the crib and then when he grew out of that we transitioned it into the full size travel crib version.

He sleeps so well in it that we decided to use it as his everyday bed. We also knew we would be traveling a lot and I thought it might make traveling easier if he was able to have the bed he normally sleeps in with us.

I was right! He did great! This bed works excellent as a travel crib or as a full-time crib. It is super easy to move and it packs up into a small backpack for easy carry on baggage.

2. Most airlines don’t charge you extra for baby related carry-ons.

Make sure you ask about that at the counter when you are checking in your luggage. Make sure they know your bags are baby related bags (diaper bags, baby gear, etc).

3. On the plane we made sure we had a few toys that kept him occupied, a bottle and extra water to make sure he could drink something while we were descending to land.

It is so important to have snacks and something for them to drink when the cabin pressure is changing because it helps their ears adjust without causing them to scream the whole time.

Much like chewing gum or yawning can help adults deal with the pressure change.

4. We allow screen time on plane rides and for travel in general.

There are other people that have paid to be on the flights and I am not going to subject them to unnecessary disturbances when there are so many educational shows that would keep baby occupied.

It also allowed us to pack lighter, which is a must when traveling with kids. 

5. Research ahead of time what food options they have for baby in the country you are going.

I brought a whole suitcase of snacks and food that our son was used to eating and when we went to the grocery store there they had snacks and food from brands we already use and love.

So I could have saved us the extra bag by just checking before we went. We love the formula and snack brands from Organic Start, you can check them out here!  Since these are European brands, they had them at the grocery stores in Norway.

6. We knew because of his age having a high chair would be convenient for eating at the different homes we were staying at so we decided to wait until we got there and purchase a cheap one from IKEA.

It was great! It packs down to move easily and we were able to leave it with friends to donate somewhere when we left. Totally worth the $20 we spent to be able to use it for two weeks.

I would suggest researching stores that might have some affordable baby items that you can just pick up in country that way you don’t have to pack them all with you.

7. You can watch our trip video on our YouTube channel.

We didn’t get a lot of the camera shots we would have liked to because of the weather, but we had such a fun time seeing everyone and this beautiful country!

Norway is a place we will travel again with the kids, it was such a beautiful country!

What are your international travel tips for baby? Where are you traveling to with your kids? Let us know in the comments below!

Speak soon,

This post may contain affiliate links which may mean I receive a commission when you click on a link, at no extra cost to you. I only link to things I love.

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